Spring News

Here at the winery, we are ready for spring. This means racking, bottling, tasting, grilling, and more tasting. Probably a lot of sanitation in there as well.

The hills up Four Mile are still dotted with snow on the north faces, but you can hear the spring birds returning to the trees. The canyon is starting to show peeks of green in sunny spots, and in April the first cacti always flower, which brings in the most hardy hummingbirds of the season.

The wines are through their secondary fermentations and have been racked off the gross lees. Returned to their barrels and tanks, they will evolve and age for another 12-16 months. These are the “high ground” wines, made during the record setting flooding in September. Challenging as the process of receiving and processing this fruit was, like all of the neighbors and fellow Coloradoans who persevered through this 1000 year event, we hung in there, did what we could, and put one foot in front of the other. I think we will see a very spectacular year in fruit, and our lack of power and water will give us an exotic edge to the 2013 wines. And if this proves to be our best vintage ever, well, I’ll be fine to never repeat it.

On to the 2012’s. Such a beautiful vintage, such incredible wines. If every year were like this, everyone would make wine.

We’ve bottled the 2012 fumé blanc and Sauvignon blanc. These wines have had a year in bottle and are perfectly balanced with nuances of grapefruit, lime, lychee and grass. Beautiful aromas absolutely fill the glass and a round, soft finish on the palate leaves you wanting more. Perfect for summer, as an apertif’, or paired with a meal, these wines are ready for show.

The 2012 Chardonnay went to bottle in February. This wine is ripe, full, exotic, and racy. Made specifically in the style Don most appreciates, this Chardonnay is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like big, buttery, California Chard, keep clear.

Going through 100% ML, in 100% new French and Russian oak, and left on its lees for 14 months, this wine is a meal in itself.

The notes of apple, pear and lemon leap out of the glass, followed closely by toasty oak, spicy clove, and a floral note. Long, full and lingering, this wine goes on and on. Best served at around 50 degrees, this wine has a lot to offer. And if I can wrest any away from Don, will be available in May.

The 2012 Zin (sigh)... what can I say. YUM. If zin were a color, it would be my favorite. Full of berries, bramble and spice, with a finish for days, and a warmth that makes you think of cozy slippers and a big leather chair. This fruit was everything I had hoped for. From our “secret” benefactor, we’ve tried to secure another load for next year, but have so far been unsuccessful. This will most likely be “one of a kind”, not for lack of trying. If you love dry creek zin, or just really good red, stock your cellar. This wine is going to bottle in the next few weeks. It will also be released in May, just in time for BBQ season. Pre-order now, we only have 200 cases.

And last, but definitely not least, the 2012 Pinot Noir. From our esteemed grower in the Russian river, the 2012 vintage shined brightly on his vineyard. We’ve added in the 115 clone this year, and I love the more feminine bright cherry notes it adds to the wine. Still bursting with cherry, cranberry, tea and earth, this pinot is a beauty. Going to bottle in April, we’ll give this a few months of bottle age to unwind before release. It’ll be ready for your summer evenings with herbed salmon and some fresh garden salads.

Our hearts and glasses overflow with all of the support, help, and encouragement our friends, neighbors, family and strangers lend us as we try to pursue this crazy dream. We invite you to share our passion and perseverance by opening a bottle of Viewpoint Wines tonight!!

Oh MY GOSH!!!! I totally forgot the indescribably delicious Pinot Gris that is going to bottle in April as well. This was our only 2013 fruit that got in before the flooding. Usually subjected to a long, cool fermentation, we didn’t have that luxury, due to the power outage. The fruit fermented fast and clean, leaving us with a very aromatic, racy wine.

Sourced from a family vineyard in Carneros, just outside of the town of Sonoma, these grapes are tended with great care. Our first year to make this wine, we didn’t quite know what to expect. The fruit for Pinot Gris (AKA Pinot Grigio, same grape) is a light reddish/purple/golden color. It is made into a white wine, but with any kind of skin contact, it takes on a strawberry blonde hue. And we have skin contact, as it takes us 48 hours to even get the fruit to boulder. The color is just a beautiful, pale rose gold. Magical.

The wine is medium to full-Bodied, notes of orchard fruits and citrus, with a nice palate weight and lingering spice on the finish. made to be enjoyed young, with light appetizers, fresh seafood, or pasta primavera. Easy to pair and even easier to enjoy, this wine is in the lineup for bottling in April (april’s pretty busy around the winery) and will be available for immediate release.

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