Harvest update 2014

Holy smokes, where did the time go?  I always feel like after we hit the New Year, I’ll have all this time to prepare and feel like I actually know what I’m doing and get ready for the new harvest, and every year, I get caught with my proverbial “pants” down.  I suspect it’s just time to invest in some suspenders and get on with it.

As we are awaiting the final notice on the fruit for this season, we look back at the 2013s that are in barrel.  Some interesting developments with that wine.... If you can recall back to the fall, we had a bit of a meteorological emergency, or flood, if you will, and all of our fruit came in the two weeks during the worst part of the flooding. 

I can look back and relate the story now, without tearing up, but believe me, it’s still incredibly fresh in the minds and hearts of all of those affected.  I check the barrels regularly, trying to hear their side of the story, what they went through to just get to us here in Boulder. 

And tell it they do. 

The Chardonnay that I wanted to pitch and then run and hide is showing an exotic, tropical richness that is firmly supported by it’s high acidity and only partial Malolactic.  I whisper to myself in the dark of night that it will probably be my best Chardonnay ever, and that really makes me mad! (Only because I hope to never repeat those circumstances)

Our 2013 Pinot noir is really showing the Russian River pedigree.  I was barrel testing the other day and had pulled a sample to share with Don.  His look of disdain (he’s not the hugest fan of any pinot) was quickly followed by the comments “Darn it, that just ticks me off, that’s going to be your best wine yet, and I don’t even like pinot” (it was a bit more explicit, but you get the idea).  It’s a really lush, spicy, full throttle year, but we’ve got our oak dialed in, and it’s just nicely supportive in the background, without overwhelming the stellar fruit.

Our 2013 Zinfandel came in the Friday after the worst of the rains, and our grower had been a bit overzealous in his haste to harvest.  But the extra punch we get from the higher acids and tighter structure just mean this will be an ageworthy zin, and it will stay in barrel another 10 months or so.  Bright and zesty, with spice and berries, pepper and smoke, we’ll keep a close eye on this wine.

So, onto the 2014.  As of today, growers are assuming this will be one of the earliest harvests on record.  Serious heat and drought have pushed up the harvest to close to a month early.  The crop had originally looked to be smaller than average, but recent bunch counts put it just about average size.  Of course, as all of you farmers know, this could change on a dime.  And probably will.

But all of our MacroBins departed Friday for their vineyards in California, and we’ll be seeing the Chardonnay as our first varietal in the next few weeks. 

We’ve expanded our program this season, and we are going to be crushing around 23 tons (last year was 13), so we’re testing the limits of our tiny mountain winery.  But we’ve wanted to add a Bordeaux program, with five varietals, bottled separately and also in a blend, for a few years now.  And I’m a huge fan of viognier, so we’re adding that as well. 

Our Bordeaux varietals will be Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Carmenere, and Petitie Sirah.  Then we’ll also crush Zin, chard, Pinot Gris and Viognier.  I just hope the weather and our backs hold up. 

We’re open in the winery for tastings and also food/wine pairings by appointment.  If you haven’t tried our wines in a while, give us a call and come up for a glass or two.  I think the 2012 Fume’ blanc is just the right wine for a summer sipper on the patio.  Also, the 2012 Chardonnay has finally shed it’s bottle shock, and is really turning into a beauty.  Enough body and oak to carry it into the fall/winter,  it’s gorgeous with grilled seafood.  We still have a few cases of the 2012 Rosé of Pinot Noir.  Bottled unfiltered and unfined, this wine is lightly effervescent and incredibly refreshing on these hot summer days.

Our wine club is up and running, sign up online, or email me and I’ll send you the information.  3 shipments per year, 6 bottles each, mixed unless you tell me otherwise.  Lots of benefits for you Bootleggerz!

I hope everyone’s year has been just as fantastic as ours, and I look forward to sharing stories and glass of wine with each and everyone of you.  Happy summer and cheers to the best of friends!

Molly, Don, Lucy and Roxy

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