Fall Update

This year saw many changes brought to Viewpoint Wines. The biggest, we decided to get out of the salon business to focus entirely on making great wines! With that came an increase in production by another 11 tons, along with new equipment, and a party tent to keep it all out of the inclement weather we’ve been known to have this time of year. We’ve added a Bordeaux varietal program, our trucking company able to run later loads in the season than Don and I could. We’ve also updated our branding to connect more with our market on the shelves. We are in 5 liquor stores and 3 restaurants and hope to keep finding new outlets for our wines. But our best and most important friends are always you! You believed in us from the beginning! THANK YOU!!!!

With our biggest vintage crush ever almost over (one more truck with 6 tons on it’s way this week), and lots of barrels and bins doing assorted things in the winery, what’s in store next?

Through the Holidays this season, we’ll be stirring, testing, racking, and blending. We’ll also be getting ready to bottle the 2013’s. These wines will be designated our “high ground” series, as we received all of the three varietals during the “great Colorado flood”. Truly a testament to stamina and spirit, we feel these wines are exactly what Viewpoint is all about. Our neighbors and friends came out in force to help us make a vintage that really didn’t have much of a chance at all, and they did it with smiles on their faces, and bags of groceries for us. I feel the principle joy of wine is that it brings people together (I didn’t really expect in such a way as the last harvest :) and gets them to slow down and enjoy each other. No television, or digital devices, or any electronic media. Just sipping a glass and connecting on a human level. That’s what I love.

And if you are in need of connection on that level, we are open for tastings, tours, and wine and food pairings. Bring your friends, family, and enthusiasm for the good life. Appointments are recommended, as we are usually knee deep in some bin or barrel, or covered in grape goobers, and we’d at least like to be able to take some time to tell you about our wines and our operations. So call the winery at 303-444- WINE and book some time to get back in touch with your friends and family.

We hope you enjoy these wines, and more importantly, enjoy those who matter the most in your life. Never take for granted the people who make this life just a little easier, just a little more enjoyable every day with their presence.

“Smooth out with wine the worries of a wrinkled brow” — Horace, Epistles

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom” — Marcel Proust

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