38 inches of snow in two weeks

Yep, for me, that’s reason enough to drink. Heavy, wet, cold, and just a big, giant, pain in the rear. But, from what I hear, good for the drought, and the fire danger, and some other near natural disasters that are constantly threatening (not sure if it’s locusts or pestilence, but I know it’s gotta be one of them). But personally, give me a bright sunny day, or even a drizzly rainy one, and I don’t really need the white stuff to be happy. But Don sure loves it. It’s sets his heart all a flutter to get the snow totals daily in his mailbox. And to look at accumulation websites, and forecast models and things like that. We really couldn’t be further apart on the issue. Which, as they say, is the spice of life. Well, wine is like that also. There is no right or wrong, no one answer, no single wine every palate will appreciate and swoon over. Thank Goodness, or this business would be really boring. Your own palate tells you everything you need to know about a glass of wine. Your own nose is the only judge of it’s soundness. If your heart races and your mouth salivates when the liquid hits your glass, then it’s the right wine. Period. You don’t need experts or scores to tell you any of that. The only thing they are good for is to maybe share some descriptors so you can tell someone else of your love. When you find love, you know it. So stand up for your love, call it’s name from the mountain top, post ridiculous pictures of your love on the internet, and don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re wrong, because love is far too fleeting to not enjoy every second. And with that, my love, Viognier.

Ahhhh, a raving beauty. A citrine hue, legs for days, and enough aromatic intensity you can tell when someone in the room has a glass. This lovely lady is a stunner. Primary aromas of lemon meringue pie, or banana cream pie (my plate has room for both), with enough body to make you think it’s going to be heavy or Chardonnay-like, your initial sip fills your tongue with citrus, floral, and peaches, but then the finish is long and crisp, with great acidity and texture and length. It’s definitely not a Chardonnay, and it’s the perfect warm weather wine. Celebrate the onset of spring with fruit laced dishes and a glass, or find out how it perfectly pairs with exotic cuisine, like creamy curries or recipes with ginger, saffron and coconut. We have not quite bottled this wine yet, a small snafu with our corks, but plan to go to bottle in late March, for a release in April. For our club members, we’ll have a release party in April to try this wine, and you can pick up your new wine club shipment.

Also in the winery, our cheeses! These classes have been lots of fun, our last class was the washed rind cheeses, and that made quite a stink! In the best possible way. Learning the difference between a Reblochon and a Trappist was interesting, and these cheeses make a great match with really fruit forward wines. Our next class, on March 22, will be all about the art of Cheddar. From creamy and smooth, to crumbly and sharp, wrapped in bandages or waxed and aged, these are cheeses of time, texture and skill. If you’d like to attend, you can sign up at

Also, we are getting ready to release our newest Pinot Noir in April, the High Ground, and In anticipation, we’re going to have a Pinot sale for the rest of March to make some shelf space. So for the rest of the month, buy any case of Pinot Noir 2011 or 2012, or a case of Pinot Gris 2013, and get 30% off the case price! You can mix a case of any of those three wines as well for the discount. Stock your spring cellar.

And speaking of wines to drink now, I just opened a bottle of the 2012 Chardonnay last night. Holy smokes is this a great wine right now. I actually poured a glass right from the cellar temp, which is about 55 degrees, and I have to say, I think that temperature is pretty darn perfect. It’s so full and smoky and textured, with crisp apple notes and that clove/coriander that comes from the Russian oak. A really beautiful wine that is drinking like silk. We’ll be pouring this at some charitable events coming up in March and April, and we’ve only got about 65 cases left, so don’t forget to get some for yourself before it’s too late.

Also, so many of you (thank you very much) have asked about the next SALT wine dinner. Well it’s scheduled for April 16th, and you can call and get your seat before they are gone, we can only have around 25 guests. I loved the Chef ’s menu for the last one, and you can look forward to trying the High Ground Chardonnay and Pinot, along with the Viognier with this next dinner.

In the winery, we are racking and cleaning barrels, blending wines, and stirring lees. With still about 50 barrels to work with and 3 tanks moving all the time, there’s always something going on. Our snow is slowing melting off the patio, and we are anticipating that first spring evening with the long light that we can sit outside and sip our vino. Don’t hesitate to make and appointment to visit us, see what’s new, and try some of our barrel samples. Starting in May, we’ll have an open house every month to sample one specific wine that you may not have tried yet, and so that our winery friends can get together and meet new wine lovers. In the meantime, we wish you warmth of the spring sun, the pleasure of the lengthening days, and the pure joy of a wine shared with those who mean the most to you.

Molly, Don, Roxy, and Lucy

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