Peanut Butter Diamonds

Time, Temperature, and Pressure

or how to make a diamond out of Peanut Butter

A very intelligent friend (Kate Johnson) once told me that the only real difference between
Gouda and Cheddar was time, temperature, and pressure. And I’ve been working very hard
trying to find out! I’ve thought a lot about that as I was making wheels of cheese as a way of
distracting myself from the other “jobs” I should have been doing. And then Don received a
book for Christmas that was 1200 of the most useless but interesting facts you never knew. One
of the facts was that Peanut Butter can be made into diamonds. Now, who would have tried that
and why? Never the less, it’s apparently true, if this book can be believed. So I was thinking on
my morning hike about all of the choices facing each of us every moment of every day. And
how sometimes we feel suited up and ready to meet our challenges, and sometimes we hide in our
kitchens behind a pot of good looking curds, or whatever your own distractions may be. Don’t
get me wrong, I think focusing on our “to-do” list 24/7 is not the right choice, we need outlets,
distractions, things that make us happy for no other reason that we didn’t have to do them. But
none of that will affect the situation we may be avoiding looking at. It will still be there after we
come back to reality.

And how do you go about doing what then needs to be done, that thing that perhaps you
aren’t really looking forward to? Well, that’s where the peanut butter comes in. Every single
challenge in your life and mine is just a matter of chemistry. We are all made up of the same
basic elements, but what we choose to do when faced with challenges makes all the differences in
the world. If you don’t like where you’re at, or what you’re doing, you can choose to just wait
longer. And things will change, as they inevitably do, just by the passage of time. But perhaps
you’d like to speed up or affect the outcome in a direction of your choosing. Then turn up the
heat. By putting a fire under the situation, things will certainly change more quickly and in a
different direction than with just time. But what about pressure? What if on top of the heat, we
started to squeeze the problem, massaging the folds and ripples into the shape we hoped to see?
Our chances of a favorable outcome just improved greatly. And the time to the final product has
lessened substantially. Each of these steps require either patience, energy, participation, or all
three. Sometimes there’s just not enough to go around. But I think that just knowing we have
the ability to affect any outcome we want by focusing on it, is the most powerful and empowering
feeling. We are not victims of chance, we are the driving force in our own novels, the conductor
of our own symphony, able to turn Peanut Butter into diamonds by the sheer force of our own
abilities and will. Whether we choose to use this power is completely up to us, but knowing it’s
there for each of us, every day, waiting to be utilized for whatever dreams we have is sometimes
all the reminder we need.

So I’m using my force of will to affect the changes I want to see in my world. I would like
to be able to share my wines with people who have not heard of us yet. I would like to connect
with each one of our members and subscribers on a personal level, and I would like to have time
to enjoy the actual wine making process instead of running from appointment to appointment,
tasting to tasting, and not ever feeling I have time to just be with the wines and care for them at
the level I want to. This means I’ll need to put more people who represent Viewpoint out in the
field, hosting tastings, introducing our wines to new venues, and making sure we’re taking good
care of customers and friends. This does not mean we’re getting bigger, in fact, we’re going back
to our original plan to crush around 12 tons and produce less than 1000 cases per year. What it
does mean is we’ll have help taking care of you and your requests so that we are more available
for whatever you might need. I’ll be introducing these newest crew members as we are moving
forward this year. We will be more available to host your tastings, have organized gatherings for
our wine releases, more wine dinners, and hopefully, Cheese Classes!! I want to do everything at
the highest level for our select group of followers, exceeding expectations on every level. This is
my challenge this year.

I feel this past year has been full of changes, huge challenges, and yet so many blessings in
every single day. And I appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to get to
know us, and our wines, and find room in your homes and your gatherings to share our wines
and our story with your own friends. We could not do it without you. So please don’t hesitate to
let us know how we can help make your gatherings more enjoyable, or what education about
wine you may like, or what winery events would be fun for you and your friends. The year is
blank and ready to be written.

To keep up with the latest happenings, you can find us on facebook, I try and update our
website as I can (another job for someone), or just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you
asap. We’ve got a wine dinner coming up at Salt the bistro in Boulder, January 27th, 2016. I’ll
send another email as soon as we have a time and cost, the menu will come in a few weeks.

We’re bottling the 2014 Zinfandel in February and some of you have mentioned you’d like
to help, so as soon as I know the date for that, I’ll post it on the facebook/website pages.

If you haven’t tried the latest wines and would like to visit, email or call and we’ll get
something set up. Generally, the canyon roads have been pretty good, but during a storm is
always a little tricky.

I hope this email finds every one of you having enjoyed the season, whatever celebrations
you may have had, and ready to tackle the New Year and all it offers. Remember, you have
everything you need to make it a year of diamonds.

With much gratitude to each of you,

Molly, Don, Lucy and Roxanne

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