The Purpose of Blending Wine

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The Purpose of Blending Wine

And other life lessons

I have quite a few people who I love dearly in my life right now that are going through some very serious challenges. These include family, relationships, work, housing and others. It seems all of us have this roller coaster ride in our lives. One minute we’re so joyfully happy we can’t imagine things ever being dark. Then the next moment, the clouds are so heavy, we can’t ever picture not needing foul weather gear. How do things shift so fast? How can our lives throw us for loop after loop, in some dizzying spiral, barely leaving us enough time to catch our breath before the next round? And how do we hang on for dear life, and hope there’s some kind of lull around the next bend?

Survival instinct. Our DNA tells us that no matter what, we have to press on. We have to get up, strap in, and give it our all. Every single day, because one day, it will be the last. And then it’s too late to have regrets about what we should have done, could have done, or wanted to do. This is where the blending comes in. I think the most interesting wines are always those with more than one component. If not multiple varietals, then perhaps different barrels from different forests made by different coopers. Toasted to different finishes. Why is it that this gives us things we want to see in a wine? In a word, complexity. Variations, unexpected nuances, surprises around every corner. What one wine may be lacking, another may have in spades. And together they make the most of every attribute. And I think the same thing applies to our lives. We need to hold on to that wonderful mixture of friends and family. Of co-workers and happy-hour participants. Of book groups and basketball friends. By filling our lives with this eclectic collection of people, we strengthen our tribe to weather these storms. We have ears who will listen and hearts who will empathize. Collectively, we can save the world, alone, we can only watch it decline. So for all my loves who are struggling with these immense weights of change and challenge, your tribe is there for you. We bring all of our hearts and hands to the table to get you to the next straightaway. All you have to do is stay strapped in and hang on. There is a break in the clouds, and you’ll be basking in the sun in no time.

I feel the ritual of wine helps strengthen these bonds we so desperately need. The thoughtful preparation behind a meal for friends, the polishing of special glassware and setting the table with family heirloom dishes. The collective enjoyment of the clink of glasses and the first sip of a crisp white on a hot summer evening. The desire to linger in the company of others who want nothing more that to connect their lives to yours, to know you deeply and truly, and share their own stories. Even the ritual of the clean-up. Where two people may share duties over a sink, while talking about things that brought them joy through the evening. About how special these friends/family may be. I hope that our wines bring you many nights of joy with your tribe. And that during those harrowing curves and sudden drops, you realize we all are in this life together, and we only need stretch out our hands to find others all ready reaching for us.

As for the blending- YeeHaa! We are so excited to share these new wines with you!! I think you’ll be very impressed (I hope so, as I’m generally my worst critic). They won’t be ready until the latter part of the summer, but trust me when I say, they are so worth the wait! I’m thinking now we’ll be showcasing them at the Fall wine club, and we’re going to do something very special for that party to mark the occasion. The one and only vintage we crazily decided to crush 24 tons of fruit. Hard to believe it’s closing in on two years and we’re still in barrel, but I wanted to make these wines to rival the best of the best in Sonoma/Napa. So we’re not cutting any corners, and they take how long they take. What you have to look forward to are our two blends, the Left Bank, and the Right Bank, and then varietal bottlings of barrel-fermented lots. Petite Sirah, Carménère, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Make room in the cellar.

As for this shipment, I love to do a party pack for the summer months. I’m including a recipe for each wine, and what I’d love for you to do is this……Call up your tribe, divvy out the recipes, pick a date, and then get together to cook, eat, chat, share, and sip. Nothing makes a bottle of wine more special than the moment and the people. And I’d love pictures of your tribal meal, to share with the rest of our crew.

You’re getting, and should drink and cook in this order if you’re following directions:

  • 2011 Sauvignon Blanc-super crisp and limey, with awesome grapefruit and grass
  • 2012 Sauvignon Blanc-very round and unctuous, with perfect notes of gooseberry and kiwi
  • 2013 High Ground Chardonnay-drink at cellar temp like a red, huge tropical chardonnay
  • 2012 Ketcham Estates Pinot-very earthy and cranberry, with darker bottle notes
  • 2014 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel-really spicy jam, with berry tones and a very long finish
  • 2011 Folding Money Merlot-chocolate and tobacco, cedar and blueberry, decant for 30 min

The recipes are in the order that they pair with the wines. If I’ve included something that’s not a favorite of your’s, just wing it. Consider the ingredients in the recipes I’ve sent, and use those as a guide. The cost of the shipment is 128.24 and includes a 1$ donation to the fire department, thanks so much! So far we’ve raised 1000$ for them!

Our Pick-Up party this time is a FAC. It is Friday, June 24th from 4:30pm to 7pm. Saturdays are precious in the summer, so come by after work on a Friday night, we’ll have appetizers and some vino open, grab your wines and leave your previous bag (thanks to all who have recycled their wine bags). It’s going to be a leisurely evening, hopefully on the patio, and the birds and good will are in full bloom. Wine club members are welcome to bring guests, but otherwise this is a private event to thank you for your support. I will need and RSVP so that I may not run out of food again :) SO PLEASE RSVP TO MOLLY@VIEWPOINTWINES.COM WITH NAME AND NUMBER OF GUESTS BY JUNE 18TH.

And if you can’t make it on Friday, not to worry, just let me know when you want to swing by and grab it. Also, if you’re a new Clubbie, welcome! And if you need me to ship to you instead, just let me know. I think you’re going to love this group of wines, and I hope you do take the time to get together with those who matter most, share your lives, share your stories, and most of all, share yourselves.

I am so grateful for my tribe, thank you all for being a part of us, and allowing us to be a part of you.

Mol, Don, Roxy and the Goose

PS, thanks to all for the great reaction to the wine dinner, we have a tentative second on September 10th. If you’d like to be on that list, please let me know! Otherwise, see you on the 24th.

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