Tulip Time

Where does the time go?

Here we are, already in an early spring, tulips popping out, birds singing their spring songs. The days are lengthening and those moonsets have been spectacular. It’s the time of year I’m itching to turn over the garden, rake out the debris, and spend a lingering evening with the grill and a glass of white. But unfortunately, Mother Nature is always a prankster, throwing 91 MPH winds our way, along with another foot of snow Sunday, and the nights are still way too chilly to be outside with a glass of wine! But these thoughts are definitely in my mind. And I am hopeful for the advent of our next season. With that, comes all of the wines for spring. Those zippy, crispy, citrusy whites, those smoky, deep reds made for the grill, things that pair well with salads, fish, and lighter fare. We’ve got them.

If you haven’t been drinking the Viognier over the winter (and shame on you, if you haven’t), this is a spectacular wine. Enough palate weight to take on a winter curried lentil dish, or Moroccan spiced veggies, or any type of Asian fare, it’s a awesome wine with spring time flavors of tarragon, lemongrass, asparagus, and citrus.

Our latest Pinot Gris, which is the same pedigree as the 2013, is completely different in style. Where the ’13 has a rounder, more viscous quality, with notes of golden delicious and honey, the ’14 has a leaner, more mineral quality, primary aromas of lemon and green apple. Very crisp, and very Italian Pinot Grigio in style. This wine is absolutely perfect with rich shellfish, fatty cheeses, and creamy pastas. Think grilled shrimp with angel hair and a lemon cream sauce.

As for the grill, we’re bottling the next Zinfandel, the 2014, which I am thrilled with. It’s got everything I love about Zin going for it. It will be a 100% Zin, unlike the 2013, which got the addition of Petite Sirah. Tasting notes from the new Zin read like this:

"A robust wine, full of brambly raspberries, red licorice and spiced cherry fruit. A zin lover's dream with a long, drawn out finish of pepper, cranberry and briar. Never seek forgiveness for your zins."

Gotta love a branding company with humor :)

Also, we’ve gotten awesome feedback from our “The Don” Cab Franc. Just as I suspected, most of you haven’t really experienced Cab Franc as a stand alone varietal. It’s definitely on the medium side of reds, medium weight, medium tannin, but it’s fruit personality is so much in the glass! The nose of roasted peppers, followed by the bright fruit, then that follow up of graphite and mineral. It’s just so much fun! We’re going to pair this at our wine dinner with the dessert! Something dark chocolate, laced with raspberries and jalapeño. I think it will be awesome.

We are officially out of the 2012 Chardonnay, sorry Chard lovers, but the 2013 should be drinking spectacularly by summer. this was one huge wine. With 6 days of unattended skin contact, it has the tannin structure of a red. The fruit was rich and textural, and the native yeast ferments gave it a complexity we couldn’t have gotten if we’d tried. I like this wine served at cellar temp. When you serve a big, tannic, oaked wine too cold, it tightens things up and makes them feel too sharp and acidic, too glaring. Serving at a warmer temp helps the flavors come out, the nose open up, and the acids are smoother and more round. I think this wine with smoked cornish game hens (thanks to our neighbor) and a parmesan risotto would be just the thing for Easter dinner!

But if we’re talking about Chardonnay, and why not, it’s after 7am, I’m totally smitten with the 2014. I could sip on this wine every night after work, and never tire of it. I find new things every time. It’s so nicely balanced, full of fruit, just enough oak to make it creamy, but the weight makes it so lovely with food, or just by itself, telling you everything’s going to be all right. I like this wine a little warmer as well, maybe in the high 40’s. Take it out of your fridge, pour a glass, and leave the bottle on the counter, don’t put back in the fridge. That’s just about the perfect temp for the next pour.

Upcoming events of note; Salt the Bistro wine dinner, March 16th, Wednesday. 6:30Pm. In the Salt Cellar. Only 30 seats available. 5 courses, 5 wines. 75$. Call the restaurant to book your table now, (303) 444-7258.

On March 24th, we’ll be pouring our wines at the first every CoCreate Boulder. At Boulder’s own E Town Hall, this is an event inspired to bring local, small producers together to a crowd of people who celebrate all things Colorado. Starting at 6:30 and running until 9:30pm. Tickets are 14$.

We so appreciate all of your support and interest in our small winery, and the fact that you take time to share our craft with those you love and help us spread the word. In a world that is constantly looking for the latest, the newest, the most visible presence, we are so happy to be small, and selective, and enjoyed by those who know what’s good. We are not striving to be wines for everyone, we are striving to be wines for the right ones. People who appreciate all that makes this life special. Family, friends, food and drink. It’s what we work for, live for, and celebrate every day. Thanks for being a part of our family.

Molly, Don, Lucy and Roxanne

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