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You’ve got a BBQ or backyard party ready to go!

In this shipment, you’re getting 3 whites and one red. Let’s face it, it’s hot! So start sipping on a white while having some jalepeno poppers or guacamole, then move into a heartier white with some thai grilled shrimp, finish with a chimmichurri beef and roasted corn and peppers, and you’ve had a heck of a party.

Your whites from lightest to fullest, the 2013 Pinot Gris, a lovely backyard wine, serve this one deeply chilled. That brings out the delightful acidity and crisp finish. I’ve been enjoying this with fresh pesto and almost my tomatoes (getting closer). I love it with garlic, on fresh pasta, with just a little parmesan and herbs tossed over the top. It’s fuller than most Gris, with our extra 48 hours of skin contact, so don’t be afraid to pair with fish or cheese or anything a bit more substantial.

Then our 2012 Fumé Blanc. If anything goes with spicy foods, this wine is it! Jalapeños, chili’s, spiced seafood, or a great Nick and Willy’s Thai chicken pizza. This is your wine. Fairly high in alcohol, a little residual sugar balances the heat and acid. Really full fruit on the palate give you great Sauvignon Blanc characters. Guava, gooseberry and lime. This is one smooth summer sipper. Also best deeply chilled or from and ice bucket.

Moving into the newest white, our Viognier. You all know how I feel about this wine, I won’t bore you with more hedonistic trivia. It’s so darn aromatic, you need a big glass, not a puny white wine glass. Also, this wine is best after 30 min out of the fridge. Give those aromas a chance to fill your glass. Banana, peach, flowers, you tell me. It’s all in there. But a long, long finish with great acidity keeps the back lifted and you looking for another sip. This wine marries with exotic spices well. Not spicy, just spiced. I served it with a Moroccan spiced shrimp dip the other day, and it was great! Also fantastic with shrimp or vegetable potstickers with a ginger sauce. Maybe a summer vegetable tart with goat’s cheese and figs? Seems plausible. Try your hand and let me know what you find you love.

Last, but simply never least, two bottles of the 2012 Zin. On a summer’s eve, with the quarter moon, and Jupiter and Venus in beautiful position, the coals winding down, and maybe just enough chill in the mountain air you need a sweatshirt, this wine brings it all in focus. Round, juicy, spicy and jammy, Zinfandel to me is the epitome of a summer backyard wine. You can be coming from the pool, or the garden, or a hike, or a long day at the office, and this wine just loves you anyway. It pairs with a Spanish paella as easily as with a pepperoni pizza. Maybe some short ribs on the grill with your secret BBQ rub, or that piece of chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing for dessert. Either way, Zin will pair gracefully and compliment your evening. An early warning, as you know, this is our “secret Zin”, coming from a very famous vineyard in a stellar year, and we’re getting kinda low. We’re not out, but with as many places that are pouring this and our retail outlets, we’ll be out by summer’s end. So if you need to stockpile, don’t wait too long….

That said, a hearty “thank you so very much” to all of our wine club members. The faith you have in us, and our wines, gets me through many a sleepless night. And with the impending harvest, there will be many.

Hope everyone can make it to the Pick-Up party to grab your wines and try a few others. It’s from 1-3pm this Saturday, the 27th, and sorry to say, we will be running people off just after 3, as we’ve got another event that evening! So many wines, so little daylight hours :) If you can RSVP if you haven’t already, by 6/25, I’d appreciate it. Wishing you all the best long, beautiful summer days, and relaxing, cool, evenings spent in the company of people who mean the most to you. Life is way too short to not open your good wines.

Molly, Don, Lucy and Roxy

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