Winter's Comeback Tour

Spring was in the air...

and then winter made a comeback tour

It all seemed to be going pretty well, somewhat normal spring conditions, and then what happened? Mother Nature decided to throw us more moisture than we needed, and at the last second, changed the torrential downpours of the last week to a thick, heavy, wet snow. We all know how I personally feel about snow even in January, but May? Not nice at all.

But the really scary part was the constant rain for a week, with rising creek levels, mudslides, and power outages. All very reminiscent of the 2013 Colorado Flood. Speaking to a friend last night, she confided that she was having a bit of PTSD with all the water standing around town. I know what she’s talking about. With the advent of these seemingly more extreme weather conditions, it’s hard to feel like we have a handle on any expectations of normalcy. Earthquakes, droughts, floods, fires. We really are not the masters of our universe, but rather the inhabitants of a wild world which we will neither control or predict, that will continue to move and shake, rage and weep, and we’re just along for the ride. And the most we can do is strengthen our homes, conserve our water, and stockpile our firewood in an attempt to stay warm on a snowy May night.

And what does any of this have to do with wine? Well, aside from stockpiling that as well, I think these things just remind us that we are just passing through this life, and really don’t mean a thing in the space of time on our planet, but we do mean something to the people who share our lives. Who we touch daily with smiles or hugs or just a kind word out of the blue. People who may be lonely, or struggling emotionally, or just needing the comfort of a kindred soul. Our actions every day with others are the steel beams of our lives. We need to build for an earthquake of the heart, and when it happens, all of these lives we touch and share will spread our burdens between them and we will endure. And for me, the sharing of a bottle of wine with my friends, over great conversation, joining our hearts and our lives and creating those steel beams is what makes my life whole. And really is one of the most important parts of winemaking for me. The Human part.

What’s happening in the winery? We’ve gone to tank with the final blend of the High Ground Zinfandel. Bottling is scheduled for the end of May, with a release around July 4th. We’ve added a bit of Petite Sirah to this Zinfandel, to shape it’s mid palate with a more textured, round feel. Also gives us length and depth that the Zin didn’t have on it’s own. It’s full of bright berry notes, but also has that signature peppery spice that comes from Dry Creek, and is such a fine match with all your summer BBQ options. Coming either right before or after the Zin bottling will be the newest Pinot Gris. Sourced from our same grower as the 2013, the 2014 vintage is showing much more like a Pinot Grigio. And by that I mean it is leaner, and more flinty in nature than our full-bodied 2013. It drinks more like a traditional Pinot Grigio from Italy. Mostly because my grower harvested a little earlier, and the fruit had more acidity and less alcohol. It’s a real thirst quencher, great with a Margherita pizza made from your fresh garden basil and tomatoes. This wine should be released in June.

We are tasting all over town! We’ve got Friday afternoon wine tastings at a few different retailers, we’ve been pouring our wines at multiple charitable events, we’re hosting groups in the winery every week, and we’ve got some dinners coming up! Check our website or facebook page often for the new things popping up. I’m trying to stay on top of that, but it’s a pretty busy job! Also the website has a new feature that lets you see what specific wines each retailer is carrying, so you don’t have to drive all over.

A couple you don’t want to miss….. Our May open house is the 24th, Sunday of the Memorial weekend. We’ll be sharing some of our newest wines and breaking out some of the vintage summer favorites, so stop by, bring a friend, see what we’re doing, 2-4pm on Sunday, the 24th of May. The Gold Hill Inn is hosting a Viewpoint Wine dinner on June 3rd. Seating is limited, so call for reservations soon (to the Gold Hill Inn). At this point, I think we’ve decided 5 courses, 5 wines. Our first course will be passed appetizers in their lodge room with some local musicians. It’s going to be great. Alas, on that note, we have to reschedule our Solstice Dinner. We lost some retaining walls in our yard during the flood (ones that our deck is built on), and now with the heavy rains and snows of this spring, it seems as if deck and yard have developed a strong desire to move to the bottom of the canyon. The rebuild is going to take longer than we thought, and I’m fearful it won’t be ready in June. So, we’re going to be safe, and give ourselves a little more time to get things looking like we’d like, and also to let the days warm a bit. Our new date for the Dinner will be August 1st. It should be hot enough then…… Don’t forget, we can only seat 30, so get your spot reserved soon, and my apologies to all who had already set aside the June date. We don’t want anyone falling into our abyss.

The days are longer, the hummingbirds are out in force, and we saw our very first Golden Mantle chipmunk on the winery deck the other day. Come up for a visit, and bring your friends, or come by yourself, bring a camera, and watch some wildlife while sipping a glass of our new Viognier. Either way, it’s beautiful to be alive, and share our passions with you. Wishing everyone a little more time, a little less work, and a few more steel beams to shore up your soul.

Molly, Don, Roxy and Lucy

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