I always wanted to be a runner

I always wanted to be a runner

And no, not in a restaurant. Growing up on the farm 7 miles outside of town made athletics a difficult choice. And let’s face it, I’m not really built for running. To say I have the physique of a runner would be as far from the truth as you might get. But in my secret heart, I always admired and envied those girls in high school that were lean, and leggy and quick. I was built to work and endure. Which is awesome, as I think having a work ethic is probably the best gift you can give your children. But I secretly dreamed of sprinting, wind in my hair, feeling the road stretch in front and behind you with the freedom of being carried by your own power wherever you wanted to go. But I didn’t run. I wasn’t a runner and I couldn’t run.

And then one day 14 years ago, I met a wonderful friend who I admired so much. A fellow hairstylist, and a single woman who owned power tools and could remodel her own home without any outside help. And she was a runner. I was astounded. She was way more athletic than myself, but not a long-legged powerhouse olympian, by any means. But she ran. A lot. And she used to tell me about her release when running. And how to grout my bathroom. And I thought to myself one day, if she can run, why can’t I? So before I could talk myself out of it, I bought some running shoes, and tights, and I left the house one morning. I made it 1.5 miles, without even a jog entering the equation. But I liked it. The next morning, before I could talk myself out of it, I put on the same shoes and I made it 1.75 miles. Not fast, not even a speed walk, but maybe a slight breeze rustled my hair at some point. This continued every day, adding a few more steps each time. Then, when I would turn around to head back home, I started jogging (it was downhill). And I’d make it a little further each day jogging before I’d go back to a walk.

I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this, because it wasn’t for them. It was only for me. I had nothing to prove to anyone, and lots to prove to myself. After a few months, I craved these “runs” . And I was having endorphins released during them, and solving the world’s problems while out. This became the most important thing I did for myself. I was a runner.

No, you’d never mistake me for an athlete. But I found out from my friend that if you want something, even in your secret heart that you never share with anyone, the only thing stopping you is most likely you. And the only judgement in this world that matters is what we think of ourselves. So don’t let one more day pass by that doesn’t find you doing the things you want most. It’s never too late to be whomever you want to be. And the only person you have to answer to at the end of the day is yourself. And every single one of us is capable of running.

On to the winemaking….

Another crazy dream I had, making Sonoma county wine in Boulder, Colorado. I love Sonoma county. I love the people, and the climate, and the farming tradition, and the community pride they have. I also love Boulder. It’s quirky, and weird, and beautiful and home. So what’s a girl to do? You lace up your shoes and you take that first step.

And here we are in our 5th season of getting Sonoma county fruit and making wine. It’s been challenging in the best of times, and down right frustrating many days. But it fills me with so much happiness to be able to open a bottle of wine we made in our garage, with friends, and taste the terroir of Sonoma county while deeply breathing in the pine aromas of our mountain home. Yep, you can truly have it all.

It’s a long-term commitment to make wine, there’s no quick turnaround or corners to be cut. And finding people who also like your product and believe in your story isn’t easy. But we’re getting there. Each of you is important in so many ways, I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you supporting us by not only buying our wines, but sharing them with your friends, and helping us get our story out. And by doing this thing we love, with passion and commitment in our hearts, the right people will find us and share our dream.

We’re about to bottle the High Ground Zin. And this is our first blended wine. We’ve added a little Petite Sirah to flesh out the mid-palate and darken the texture a bit. The Zin itself has very bright acidity, which will make it a fabulous match with food, and it will slice through those grilled sausages with aplomb. Lots of raspberries and red fruits, but signature Dry Creek pepper, one of the best wines for summer BBQ.

The other wine headed for bottle is the 2014 Pinot Gris. I thought about calling this a Pinot Grigio, as it’s way lighter in style and body than the 2013. But we didn’t want to confuse people. It’s the same vineyard, same grower, same parcel as the 2013, the grower just harvest a little earlier so the alcohol is lower, and the wine more crisp and acidic. I actually really like it. It drinks like a traditional Grigio, which is the most refreshing wine on a hot summer day, with the fresh basil and tomatoes from your own garden. Make a homemade pizza dough, add some mozzarella or ricotta you learned to make at our cheese classes, and you’ve transformed your deck into and Italian pizzeria.

I’ve been racking and topping all of the 2014 reds, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them. We’ll look forward to having some of the big boys back for those of you who just can’t live without Cab Sav. But then again, maybe our Carmenere will be your new favorite? Dense, almost chewy, but with the green pepper of Cab Sav, and the chocolate and olive of a well-done Merlot. A very interesting and thoughtful wine.

We’ve been pouring our wines all over town, and thanks to you guys who show up and support us. I try and keep the events rolling on the Facebook page and the website. The patio is in full swing (except during those evening and afternoon thunderstorms), make an appointment to come visit us! The next wine club shipment will be the end of this month, wine club members will get a separate email with the description of the wines coming, what to do with them, and we’ll have our pick-up party/open house to coincide at the end of June.

Things are getting awfully exciting for us, and my gratitude for all of your help is immense. You are the brand cheerleaders and you’ve all made this wonderful dream my reality, so please, uncork one of your Viewpoint bottles, drink in the earth that is Sonoma County, while taking in the best views in the country. And know in your secret hearts that it is very possible to have it all. You only need to lace up your shoes.

Happy early summer,

Molly, Don, Roxy and the Goose (aka Lucy)

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