2011 Thigh High Sauvignon Blanc

Serving temp.
Best until
Citrus, goat cheese

The 2011 Thigh High is a very energetic expression of the grape. A very cool, wet growing season was followed by a wet harvest. Botrytis in the vineyard was typical of the harvest in Sonoma County. Adding exotic mid-palate notes to the racy lime and grapefruit, the cool weather kept the fruit on the vine until mid-October. 4-6 weeks longer hang time than usual gave us tons of complexity while the acids stayed high to give lots of backbone to this 100% stainless steel Sauvignon Blanc.

Bottled in May of 2012, this wine pairs beautifully with any citrus based seafood, salads, or lemon chicken dishes. Goats’ cheese is particularly suited to match. Serve at 45-50 degrees. Drink now, or enjoy in the next 1-3 years.

Bottled unfiltered, this wine may throw a light sediment after time in the bottle. This is indicative of our non-interventionist winemaking techniques, and not considered a flaw.