2013 Chardonnay High Ground Series

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7.5 g/l
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Fruit for this wine came from the Greggarious Vineyard in Carneros. Just outside the town of Sonoma, a warm little microclimate creates some very voluptous, tropical Chardonnay.


The 2013 Vintage was a beautiful one in Sonoma county. Textbook from start to finish, this gave the grapes a long season to develop their aromas and textures, while also gaining full physiological maturity on the vine. Harvested on September 11th, 2013, there was plenty of acidity left in our fruit to add ageability to the wines.


Whole cluster pressed, and then femented entirely in French Oak barrels, 70% new. With only a partial Malolactic fermentation and the first racking after only 6 weeks, we have a bright note of acidity to balance the rich texture of this viscous wine. Spending 15 months in the barrel before being racked to tank, the wine shows plenty of vanilla and honey tones along with its bright tropical fruit.

Tasting Notes

Primary aromas of pineapple, mango and yellow delicious apple lead into the secondary aromas of honey, spice and toffee. With a viscous texture, and a long, smooth finish, the acids left in the wine give length and brightness to the mid palate and finish. A fruitful Chardonnay with tons of ageing potential.

Why High Ground? 

The three wines in this series all arrived in Boulder at exactly the time of the “great Colorado flood”.  Neighbors were losing their homes, cars, pets and hope. Rescue helicopters flew from sunup to sundown to help trapped residents.  People hiked miles up and down the mountain just to get supplies as they had lost their vehicles or the roads in the raging waters.  With the emotions of residents at a stressful peak, and the rains not abating, more people missing every day, the last thing we wanted to think about was making wine.  But unfortunately our grapes had started their journey to us before the welcome moisture turned deadly. 

Some of our fruit arrived at our Boulder warehouse on September 13th.  Don drove to town on the one escape route we had to rescue the grapes, and he never returned.  Not having phones or power nor Internet, I had no way of knowing what happened to him.  My assumption was that the final piece of road had given way and I wouldn’t see him again for quite a while. 

Not to be deterred, Don waited at the checkpoint with our fruit for hours until they let a few cars go by.  He arrived home near dark with our sodden grapes, and they spent another night waiting for daylight to come.   

Our wonderful neighbors banded together to help us sort, crush, and barrel under temporary lighting, with a generator for the press, and swarms of stinging insects competing for the juicy nectar.  I wanted to cry.  And leave.  And quit.  But we didn’t.  And this wine has the heart of a community in each and every glass.  For that’s what it takes in times of crisis.  A community. 

To each friend and neighbor who pitched in and kept us from giving up, this wine is for you.  For all who lost something, we hope you find strength in the resilience of life and are able to begin anew.  For everyone who risked their own life to help another, we applaud your selflessness and dedication.  For everyone who is still waiting for help, we wish you peace and assistance.  But mostly we wish everyone the strength of community and friendship shown to us.

For every bottle of our High Ground Series purchased, we will donate 1$ to the Four Mile Emergency Fund.  For every bottle purchased at our retail and restaurant partners, they will also donate 1$, and you may personally make a contribution to the fund in your name through us in any amount.  This fund directly finances the emergency preparedness activities in Four Mile Canyon.

Thank you for your support.