How 'Bout them Broncos?

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How ‘bout those Broncos?

Not trying to take sides, but Holy Smokes, the team sure does like to keep us on the edge of our seats! And thank goodness we’ve got a defense! Otherwise, our record would look a whole lot different. Way too many people weigh in on Manning’s health and capabilities to not have an opinion. But he loves the game, and he wants to play. Sometime you wish that would be enough. But for most, it’s not. You also have to be exceeding expectations at all times, keeping people interested, leading the charge and changing the game. Some days that’s just a whole lot of work for some of us. Some days, you just want to put your feet up, be ok with everything as it is, and not expend any more effort. But that won’t get you to the Super Bowl. Or on the wine list at the Flagstaff House, or even make your mortgage payment.

Expectations can be incredibly exhausting and really hard to live up to, as everyone’s are different. Some people want us to just win the game, some want us to leave the other team with a big 0 on the scoreboard, some want Manning to pass, some want us to run. So when you’re chasing everyone else’s expectations for you, you lose the dreams you had for yourself. I said a while back that my dream had always been to make great wines from grape to glass and to shepherd people’s experiences through them. I want to make wines that speak of the season, that tell the story of the grower and the soil, that help you find a connection in my passion for the land in Sonoma county to the lifestyle and friendships of Colorado. I am happy that every single wine I have is different than the last year’s, and I love nothing more than to relate the reasons behind that with our friends who understand our philosophy. I’m so very excited about the wines we have now, and the wines that are coming up.

I find, however, when looking for new accounts for our wines, that everyone wants you to fit into their niche. They want you to either be a Colorado Wine (made from Colorado fruit), or they want you to make a 6$ quaffer Chardonnay, or have a 10$ by the glass Cab. Unfortunately, I don’t fit into a single niche (it’s been like that most of my life). So it’s very difficult to find people willing to take a risk on something different. And I’m so very appreciative of all of those who do and did. And I encourage you to please support those visionaries who saw our passion and our story and knew they could help connect us to the people who were searching for wines like ours. If you’re looking for our wines around town, go to the “try our wines” link on the web page and see who’s changing the game around Boulder. And Manning may not fit into the “niche” anymore, what with his “advanced” age and all, but wouldn’t you rather see someone play who loves the game and has so many things to offer on so many levels, then just already know what’s going to happen when you turn on the TV? What’s the fun in that? Take a chance on an unknown, you may be in for the time of your life.

And by game changer, I mean the Cabernet Franc, of course! This is such a new love affair for me. Don has always loved Cab Franc, but for me, they were generally too lean, to astringent, to herbal. But the one I have going to bottle next month has been an eye opener, and I’m so very glad I made it! I’ve been reading up on Franc so that I can be effectively knowledgeable to our guests. And what a fun history. People have labeled it Cabernet Sauvignon’s hippy father. Also, it’s a more thoughtful, less powerful version of Cab. The crossing of Cab Franc and Sav Blanc resulted in Cabernet Sauvignon. But Cab Franc is known for it’s great aromas of chili peppers and Jalapeño. It is also less tannic and more fruit forward than Cab Sav. It’s meant to be consumed when younger (think 2-5 years of cellaring), and generally has a lighter color pigmentation than Cab Sav. I think this is one of the most fun wines I’ve ever had the pleasure of making! It really has changed my whole opinion about this particular varietal, and I can’t wait for it to change yours. We’ll be bottling this in November, and it’s going to have our awesome throwback bootlegger label from Uncle Dan! We’re only doing 1000 bottles, so you’ll not want to miss out.

Also going to bottle is the 2014 Chardonnay. Ummm, all I can say is “wow”. One of my Chardonnay heroes has always been Dumol. I love their complexity and nuance, yet they offer a full, deep, luscious Chardonnay still with great acidity. I’ve had the pleasure of going there a few times, and talking with them about how they achieve those delicious results. So in 2014, I tried to mimic their program to achieve a similar result. With our own style, of course. The results, you’ll have to see for yourself. There’s not one thing about this wine I would change. I love everything about it. It’s bright and spicy and long, with depth and intrigue, but it’s definitely in your life!

Speaking of gifts, we have just a few cases of the 2011 Pinot Noir, but plenty of the 2012 and 2013, so a vertical tasting of those three is also a lovely gift for friends and family. We’d love to put something together for you this season. We’ll be going to bottle in January with the 2014 Zinfandel, which is drinking a lot like the 2012. Full of fruit, spicy, berry, and brambly. Should be released around March.

And while we’re talking about releases, the 2013 High Ground Zinfandel will finally be released December 12th. Join us at the winery for a wonderful party, celebrating the season, friends and family, and of course, the pleasures of wine. We’re going to have a BBQ truck on site for your dining pleasure, and if the weather permits, live music and 3 Zins for you to try. More info on the website, but please do RSVP as we near, you’ll get another reminder in November.

If you haven’t visited us in a while and would like to, you’re just a email, phone or text away. We’d love to see you and your family or friends, so reserve a time for us to share our latest treats. We will be available for tasting over the Holidays by appointment, if you’ve got family coming in to town for a visit, we’re a great stop just out of Boulder. We’ll also be pouring our wines at Harvest Liquors in Boulder on November 13th from 4-7pm. Stop by and say hi!

As always, we so appreciate your support and sharing our story with you. I’m so happy to find so many wonderful friends who also appreciate the artisan products made in our area. People passionate about things in their own lives, trying to share these exciting dreams with others, and also living a life that fills them with purpose. I think a life without dreams, without hope, without risk is not a life, but an existence. I start every day grateful for the wonderful gifts of this life and knowing that my heart is rich beyond measure. Everyone one of you has had a part in making that dream come true. So thank you, and I wish you the best of everything, including finding your own passions!

Molly, Don, Roxy and the Goose

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