Viewpoint People

Powered by family, friends, and passion, Viewpoint Wines is all about people.  Wine brings friends together, makes any meal memorable, and helps us slow down a bit in today’s over-scheduled world.

The friends and family who turn out to help us create these wines are the heart and soul of our brand. Their support and enthusiasm for even the most grueling jobs never wanes.  Covered in grape juice, wasps, and BBQ sauce, they know that each event has it’s own set of trials.  But still they show up, and read my emails, and drink the wine! 

A hearty “thank you” to our “grape groupies” and our “wine weirdoes.”  We would be nowhere without your generosity of body and spirit.  If you are interested in becoming a “wino,” send us an email and we’ll let you know when the next event is scheduled.

Molly Pullen, Owner/Winemaker