Our Story

VIEWPOINT WINES was conceived in 2010. Our winery is a small, family-owned and -operated artisan endeavor, dedicated to making small batches of wine that really showcase the fruit and the land on which it was grown.

Both Don and I grew up in small farming communities in Iowa. Moving in the 1990s to Boulder, Colorado, did not diminish my love of farming or the land. The exposure we received in Boulder to world-class food, beer, and wine with the ability to bring it all together for a meal was eye opening. We began making several yearly pilgrimages to the northern California wine country and soon I was in love. The farming lifestyle, combined with a culture of the relationship of food and wine, and I knew that was what I wanted to do.

With both of us having long-term career commitments in Boulder, it didn’t seem feasible to pull up stakes and leave. So, continuing to work my day job, I enrolled in the extension program at UC Davis for Viticulture and Enology. Completing the course nearly two years later, I decided to try making wine on a small scale with fresh grapes from Sonoma County and some of our best friends. Three cross-country trips in a rented refrigerated truck and quite a few truck stop meals later, we had 3 tons of fruit.

Today we crush around 12-13 tons per harvest, which equates to about 8000 bottles in the winery. We have some great relationships with outstanding growers in Sonoma County. We use fruit from Sonoma because the growing season and soil complexities give us the flavor profile and depth of character we want to see in our finished wines, while giving us access to the varietals we enjoy crafting.

I would never have imagined what a wonderful journey this winery would become, or the selfless dedication and joy that our friends have shown in helping us make each vintage come true. They truly are Viewpoint Wines. Showing up early and staying late to only be rewarded with grape goobers in the eyes and stains on the skin. But with the hearts of lions and stamina of soldiers, I would not be anywhere without you.

Thank you to my husband Don, first and foremost, for your endless belief in me. And to our crush crew, June and Ron Davis, Marty Mapes and Andrea Birgers, Clark and Kelly Mapes, Dan and Cindy Pullen, Georganna and Michael Russell, Georgia Jackson, Joan and Doug Raymond, Marion and Dennis Grant, Cameron and Andrea Grant, Nancy Kimbrough, Neil and Mary Pullen, April and Dave Peters, Erin Mapes and friends, Shira Burja, Christina and Ryan Aronsen, Dionica Mata, Mya Marshall, Delanee and Chris Reicherts, Mo Zayatz, Janice Taylor, Shannon Magness and Garrett Kolar, Marcia and Tonya Magness, Sara Gettleman, and everyone else who gave of themselves freely and selflessly.

As for our name, I struggled to find something that wasn’t cheap or quirky, too silly or too serious, that fit in with the location of our winery, but also with the idea that everyday we have choices to make to fulfill ourselves and enrich our lives. And all one has to do is believe in yourself and your passion.

So one day, as I was driving home from my day job, needing to spend countless hours in the winery when I arrived home, and lamenting the fact that somehow I had missed the application for “trophy” wife. I found myself grumbling and complaining which didn’t seem to be helping one bit. And then I thought, you know, I just need to change my point of view. I am lucky enough to have these opportunities to go after my dreams and lead a rich fulfilling life. And at that moment, it dawned on me that the winery needed to be named Viewpoint. To always remind me it’s just a matter of perspective.


Molly Pullen, Owner/Winemaker Don Pullen, Director Of Operations